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Don’t forget that only signed and returned copies of contract with full payment will be considered. Mail us the signed copy of the Vendors’ Rules Contract and a cheque for the full amount of payment. Address and payment instructions are in Section B of the Vendors’ Rules Contract.

Vendors Paypal Options: FOOD VENDORS

Early registration $1,000.00  Buy Now Button

Late registration $1,100.00  Buy Now Button


Vendors Paypal Options: ARTS & CRAFTS

Early registration $400.00  Buy Now Button

Late registration $500.00 Buy Now Button


Vendors Paypal Options: ORGANIZATIONS

Early registration $150.00  Buy Now Button

Late registration $250.00 Buy Now Button


OTHER OPTIONS – Please select

Tent (10′ x 10′) – $350.00  Buy Now Button

Table & 2 Chairs – $60.00  Buy Now Button

Electricity – $110.00  Buy Now Button

Tent, Table & 2 Chairs – $360.00 Buy Now Button

Tent & Electricity – $460.00  Buy Now Button

Electricity, Table & 2 Chairs – $170.00  Buy Now Button

ALL 3 OPTIONS – Tent,Table, 2 Chairs & Electricity (Does not include vendor fees) – $520.00  Buy Now Button